The World of Corona Vigil

In the far flung reaches of the Universe, a world exists near the edge of the cosmos. This Planet is a chaotic one, where great volcanic rends in the earth spit fire and toxic gases into the sky. The rains are a burning acid, the waters of its seas treacherous and stormtossed, its gravity unbearable and the air itself is completely unbreathable. A storm the size of worlds rages in its skies in a luminous lightning riddled vortex. Some call it “The Locus”. Others call it the “Demon’s Eye”. The most religiously neutral term for it is simply “The Great Eye”. A world too harsh for life to thrive.

The moon however, is another story. Large enough for a decent gravity, weather patterns mild enough for life, and air that is clean and pure. It orbits around the The Great Eye in an Ellipse once a month, passing behind the shadow of the Great Eye for three days of each Apogee. It is here that life has grown and civilizations have arisen.

The Great eternal storm in the skies of the Great Eye follows the movement of the planet’s moon and at the moon’s Apogee the storm moves into the darkness between the borders of the Eclipse. The effect to be beheld is like a great glowing blue eye, ringed in the light of the Corona. This Eye has been personified and even deified by many cultures as someone watching over the people in the darkness. The Eye is what inspired the name of the moon for the people living on it: “Corona Vigil”; The Crown’s Watch. A name coined by those of Solarist faith.

The Eclipse is a dangerous and uncertain time that the people of Corona Vigil must fight to survive each month. In the half-light, monsters of darkness are free to roam the surface world. Orc Hordes take up arms and march to take what others have worked for, Vampires awaken from the slumbers and prey upon the living, Lycanthropes lose their humanity and become beasts, and vile Faiths ply their dark spells and rituals and work terrible curses upon the good people.

Corona Vigil