Draconianity is a Religion founded at the same time as the Dragonreich, and is the state religion of the oppressive empire. The core belief of Draconianity is that Dragons are divine beings. The figure of utmost importance in mainstream Draconianity is the Pontifex Draconis: Frygithrax the White.

Theologians of other nations comment that Draconianity seems to be much less of an institution for catering to the spiritual needs of its people and more of a propaganda tool designed to keep people in line, whether its priests realize this or not. Anyone saying so openly best beware though, as appearing to be an active enemy of the faith can get you marked as a target for the Draconian Inquisitors and Assassins.

The actual practice of Draconianity varies dramatically, as it tends to be organised in clusters around particular dragons. Acolytes of one dragon tend to give over their lives to carrying out the designs of their patron, but others often pay homage to more than one if they cannot or will not give themselves over completely to life as an acolyte. These cults are typically localized to the territory of the given dragon, but a number of the older and more influential figureheads of the dragon race have developed nation-wide followings. No specific following is dedicated to Frygithrax, as the entireity of the Dragonreich itself is dedicated to his honour, and he rarely awakens from his slumbers to give out commandments.

It is worthy of note, however, that Draconianity is not entirely exclusive to the Dragonreich. Radical sects outside of the Reich venerate other, often more benevolent Dragons who have nothing to with the oppressive regime.

Major Dragon Sects


The Subtle, Elegant, Cobalt Blue scaled Zurintochnenonfir is a clever and manipulative creature who has a keen understanding of how the societies of mortals behave.

The Acolytes of Zurintochnenonfir are an effective information network, and Zurintochnenonfir is possibly the most clued-in being in the entire Reich, frequently consulted by the Imperators for knowledge of how the nation is performing. His Acolytes are frequently well educated, often of the Mercantile Noble houses, with a head for diplomacy and trade. They drive the Reich as an Economic powerhouse and are often the first point of contact when delegates of other nations need to communicate with the Dragonreich. They are devious manipulators, and often serve secretly in foreign nations as Spies, Smugglers, Disseminators of misinformation, and Agents Provocateur.


A Black-scaled, Coldly Malevolent creature of pure terror, Noxicarridon’s followers are debased and vile extremists who will go to whatever lengths necessary, including and not limited to consorting with demons, utilizing dark magic, utilizing the tools and powers of other faiths, and performing acts of wanton slaughter or other such atrocities supposedly for the betterment of the Reich. Noxicarridon himself is rumored to be They are dangerous individuals that often fall prey to their own ambitions, and their actions quite often do harm to those nearby while acting out their designs, so are often carefully shepherded into operating outside the borders of the Reich, as terrorist agents in foreign lands.


Tchaikothrax is legendary for supposedly being of the familial line of Frygithrax himself. She is a powerful creature, Grey of scale, who is unfortunately also quite insane and animalistic in nature.

Her Acolytes have taken on a tradition of emulating her violent madness, and developed a kind of Berserker tradition. Animal sacrifice, ritual hunts, and fits of wild frenzy are the path of these Feral elements of the Dragonreich. They are often found out in the wild, and madly brave the Eclipses to test themselves against the horrors of the dark. They are frequently unstable, traumatized individuals who are deadly in battle. More reasonable ones often serve in the military, as they are valuable in their frenzied bravery, but many are too far gone to be safe to be around, or controllable.


Vordikery is an Earthy Green-Brown of Scale, and is known to be Cynical, Bleak and Belittling. She will not hesitate to bitterly call attention to a person’s flaws, and viciously tear apart their confidence, Exposing bitter truths about that they would rather not admit even to themselves.

Vordikrey’s followers are perhaps the most connected with the lesser folk, often and the most obvious representation of Draconianity to the people of the Reich. These Acolytes see to the needs of everyday folk, seeing to the sick and strictly enforcing the religion in children. They are often strict, stern and bitter people not unlike Vordikrey herself, steadfastly focused on what’s practical and harshly chiding towards anyone overly fanciful or imaginative. They keep peasants convinced that the Bleakness and Suffering they may live through as citizens of the Reich is a necessary evil, and encourage those hardy folk with a no-nonsense outlook.


In Draconian Myth, the Great Eye that looks down from the world above is where Frygithrax was born. It is known as the Genesis Storm, and it is held as the place where all existence began. Within the Genesis Storm is where Dragon Souls are made, and to those who have lived their lives to serve well the will of the dragons, it is where mortal souls depart after death. There, truly faithful souls who are like of mind gather together and merge to make a Dragon’s soul. Loyal service comes with the promise that one day people will be gods themselves.

Those that are not faithful are cursed in death to forever wander the world as tormented ghosts, spirits that persist unable to feel even the simplest of pleasures they knew in life.


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