The Dragonreich is the biggest and most powerful Nation on the face of Corona Vigil to date, its territory spanning across about one sixth of the known world and perhaps even territories yet unknown to other nations. There are many cultures within its borders, from the Savage and passionate Northmen from the Heartland Mountains, to the grim and downtrodden peasantry in the western regions, to the stoic Easterners who strive for art even in the midst of oppression, to the Hobgoblins whose fecund military is an invaluable fuel to the Reich’s war machine.

The State Religeon of the Dragonreich is Draconianity, and therefore Dragons typically take the highest ranks in society. They are treated as divine beings, and any slight against them is treated with a harsh response. The same treatment is given to those who deny the will of the dragons. This creates a very cloak-and-dagger environment of manipulation and lies among the politics of mortal nobility in the Reich. Those that know best how to inspire the wrath of gods do well in their cut-throat games. In times of feuds between petty dragons, there is great uncertainty and opportunity. Theoretically, the noble houses follow hereditary succession, but many a family has been wiped out in Draconic disagreements, and many an artisan, soldier, or even humble peasant has risen out of obscurity and granted title by being on the winning side of such an event.

Life in the Dragonreich

Structure of the Dragonreich

Pontifex Draconis: Frygicrax the White, a Living God.

To hear the Draconian Bishops say it, Frygicrax is as old as the world itself. He is the oldest and most powerful Dragon known to mortalkind. Frygicrax does little in the way of directly affecting the world, nowadays. His most important events relate to the Succession of the Imperators, a new Leader for the Dragonreich is always his choice alone.

For the most part though he lounges comfortably in the freezing citadel of Snow’s Maw, Guarded by other dragons and elite warriors with heavily enchanted equipment. The Citadel is high in the mountain passes, and is a monumental wonder that cost the lives of thousands of servants to try and build there. As such, it is nigh on impenetrable and the only people who manage to gain an audience with the Pontifex Draconis are those who come with great tribute to trade for his ancient knowledge and “wisdom”.

The Imperator/Imperatrice

The Imperator is politically the undisputed Ruler of the Dragonreich. Grand Commander on any field of Battle and final Arbiter on any matter of state, to defy the word of the Imperator usually means Death. An Imperator or Imperatrice is also considered to be a divine being, and is the only mortal ever to be more important than the average Dragon (Though never more important than Frygithrax). Imperators typically wield great personal power, often granted to them or enhanced on by being blessed with the opportunity to bathe in waters colored with a trickle of Frygithrax’s blood. They are chosen fairly young, from the best of the best prodigeous new heroes in the Reich, so one leader has a stable, uninterrupted rule for many decades.

The first Imperator and the Founder of the Dragonreich, is adamantly held to be Imperatrice Lusica Evengii, although there are some that dispute this (See Controversy of St Lusica). Imperatrice Lusica is lauded to be the hero that united the barbarian tribes of Humans and Hobgoblins, and persuaded a great many dragons to join in on a great uprising against the Vampires, ultimately freeing the world from their profane regime.

Imperator Michail Vas was the Imperator that went down in history as the ruler that lost the southwestern provinces when the United League of City States was founded. His name is spoken in shame, and mention of him almost always provokes an impassioned round of Dragonreich citizens cursing angrily and hating on the League for their secession which resulted in a major famine in the Reich. He has gone down in history as a failure, and the United League of City States has festivals each year on Liberty Day with performances in which he is portrayed a clumsy and drunken simpleton, despite having in reality been quite a focused and capable leader who did his best in the face of poor circumstances.


Ruling over expansive provinces of territory, Dragons in the Reich are considered to be Divine beings comparable in veneration to the Angels of Solarism, only in that they walk upon Corona Vigil. Unlike other faiths whose gods can be doubted this Tangibility, the awe and fear they exude, has a monumental effect on Morale and Theodicy making it difficult to deny the merits of the faith. These Divine beings can be seen above the battlefields, fighting in the skies above the soldiers and burning great swathes out of the enemy armies. They must take care in battle, for if they are killed, Morale for the Dragonreich troops is crippled.

While they are regarded as ancient, immortally wise and powerful beings, the reality of Reich dragons is that they are, true to their nature, quite petty and territorial. Much of the Reich’s political turmoil is born of the whims and disagreements of Dragons who wish to claim more territory or another’s Hoard. The reasonable dragons who will resolve their disagreements personally with another dragon are unfortunately rare, and many will let mortal elements come into their conflicts, converting another Dragon’s acolytes or simply killing them or destroying their resources, trying to dishearten their rival or weaken their influence or pride.

Upper Nobility: Barons

Lesser Nobility: Mercantile and Military houses



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