Monarchy of Lunin

The Monarchy of Lunin is said to be the most western civilized realm on the main continent of Corona Vigil. Its current Monarch is King Delrick Beaufort. Its people are fiercely patriotic, to the point of often rudely ignoring outsiders with some of the worst cases. Lunin is somewhat famous for its mounted Knights and Cavaliers, who are their iconic warriors recognized far and wide by their fluted armor.

The State religeon of Lunin is Solarism, but the kingdom is known for not upholding the some of the Values of their religion as well as other realms might have. Azatarianism has a noteworthy following there despite its disfavor with the crown and Druids are not too uncommon a sight, but followers of Kamiraksha and Kraken’la are almost unheard of. Kytonism and Fiendish cults are treated with hostility, as they are seen as profane heresies. The Religeous of Lunin have been known to be a little overzealous, and it is the birthplace of the Solarist Inquisition.

Racially, Lunin is nigh on Human-Exclusive. The People of Lunin are Wary of strangers, and although Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Gnomes may exist there in substantial numbers, the different races usually segregate into their own communities rather than forming multicultural centers. Half Orcs face a hard life in Lunin, avoided, shunned and spit on in nearly all communities.

The Symbol of Lunin is a Silver Eagle against a blue background.

Monarchy of Lunin

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