Solarism is a Religion that was founded in the Western Kingdoms which gives utmost praise to the Sun and the gifts it blesses the world with. Official Organization of the Religeon occured just a few years after the Uprising against the Vampire empire, but stories say that it existed in a persecuted form in the slave markets of the Vampires before then. The Core Belief of Solarism is that the Sun is a Gateway to Heaven, where souls go after death to join the Angelic Choir in the Company of God and become a force of Good against the Hells and Abyss. People who were great in life and have since passed away are Worshipped as Angelic Saints.

In Solarist Belief, the light of the sun is the holy energy flowing from the King of the Sun, carrying forth the laws of the natural order in its warm illumintaion. When the light of the sun is blocked by the eclipse, the natural order is disrupted as the light is bent and distorted while it curves around the Demon’s Eye, giving birth to the supernatural. Creatures of the night are evil and dangerous, and the arcane magics that are gained from them are not to be trusted. People of other faiths have been tricked by unnatural and seductive entities, and those souls not of the faith are doomed to spend eternity trapped in the storm of the locus, which they call the “Demon’s Eye”

Solarism is Arguably Centralized in Glonde, where the Solarist Pope of the Order of the Lantern keeps his base of operations in the Grandest of all Solarist Cathedrals in the City of Valoryn. The Pope is not acknowledged as head of Solarism by all branches of the faith, but his presence and work is appreciated by all.

There are certain Divisions within the religeon, Mostly Regarding codes of Conduct, who should and should not be saints, and most prominently; whether it is righteous to kill and interrogate in the name of God.

Some of the Orders of Solarism are described below.

The Order of the Lantern

The order of the Lantern is an armed force that transcends nationality and swear loyalty only to the Lord of the Sun and his Saints. Famous for their glorious Lantern Knights the Order are a Hard as Nails fighting force who take arms during the eclipse to protect threatened towns and people from the countless waves of monsters that roam the land in the dark months. They go on small crusades against dens of Evil monsters in the name of the Sun, and even adventure on their own or in small groups. To become a Lantern Knight is the highest honor of the faith, and their ranks are filled with young men with aspitations of wearing the famous stained glass wings.

In Hackmaster, they use the Template for the Cathedral of Light

The Holy Inquisition of the Sun

The Inquisition is the controversial sister organization to the Coronoughts. While their Mission is the same, to fight evil and protect the good and innocent, their Methodology is vastly different. While the Coronoughts act during the eclipse and train and recover during the Sunlight months, the Inquisition is active throughout the entire year. Inquisitors seek out the enemies of Solarism before they are made obvious by the Eclipse, from hunting down Lycanthropes in their human form, profane cultists while they are lying low among the people, to outright assassination of Priests of opposing faiths. They use methods that many would describe as underhanded or cruel, and mistaken Judgements are the root of many outcries against the church and seeing loved ones dragged off and announced as profane cultists in front of friends and family does damage to the faith’s Fair and Just image.

In Hackmaster, they use the Template for the Courts of Justice

The Earthly Choir

The Earthly choir is perhaps the more commonly found branch of Solarism, with a chapel in most towns, especially in the Western Kingdoms. Priests and Monks of the Choir are mostly peaceful people, tending to the needs of the community and guiding the commoners with their Wisdom. Their Chapels are often lively places of Song, where Hymns are sung to the beloved saints and faith is expressed creatively and with joy.

In Hackmaster, they use the template for the church of Everlasting hope.

The College of Solar Theology

Perhaps the most influential of the branches of Solarism, the Theologians in their monasteries and priories are the ones that write the holy texts, who define “Good and Evil” for the faithful and determine who is and is not worthy of being a Saint. Theologians could be argued to be responsible for the division of beliefs in the Solarist Faith, where Disagreements between Theologians can result in whole regions having disagreements.

In Hackmaster, they use the template for the Order of Thought

The Saints



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