The Controversy of St Lusica

The Controversy of St. Lusica is one of the more heated sources of hostility between the faiths of Solarism and Draconianity, and by extension, hostility between the dragonreich and the Western Kingdoms.

According to the Holy Texts of Solarism, St. Lusica was an Aasimar who secretly championed the cause of Solarism in the Bleak world under the rule of the Vampires’ Eternal Empire. She was caring, self-sacrificing and strong. When the Angels looked down from the sun and saw her heart shining in the darkness of a world they had thought doomed, they had hope. In force, they flew to Corona Vigil and swore their service to St. Lusica. The angels gave her Armor and Weapons, (Which the armour of the Modern Day Coronoughts is designed from) and she lead the armies of heaven in an uprising against the Vampires, using the angelic powers of the sun to burn them into ash. When she had freed the world, she left it to the mortal kings and departed with the Angels to Heaven.

However, Draconianity disputes this story. The Dragonreich believe that Saint Lusica was actually Lusica Evengii, Their First Imperatrice. In their stories, she was a Warrior Sorceress from the Boreal Regions blessed with the touch of the bloodline of Lord Frygicrax himself. She sought out Frygicrax, who was at that time a wary and violent being, who slew all that came into his lair to protect himself from the deadly Vampire Dragonslayers. But when he saw Lusica, he recognized his Kin and stayed his claw. She made a Pact with Frygicrax, that he would use his great powers to help her, and that she would conquer the vampires and construct a mighty nation in his honor. And so she did, Uniting the weak and scattered tribes of Men and Hobgoblins who managed to avoid the vampires’ notice, she rallied a great rebellion which ultimately overthrew the Eternal Empire of the Vampires.

Clearly the two opinions of the woman are vastly different, and it is rare for Solarists and Draconians to meet peacefully without bickering over this controversy. Solarists believe that the Dragonreich stole the name of their Saint for propaganda reasons, claiming to be responsible for the liberation of the world in order to improve their image and loyalty. Solarists are completely unwilling to believe that The Saint they Idolize for her love of liberty was actually the founder of the most injust dictatorship on the face of the world today.

Conversely, Draconianity claim that they actually have her bones resting in the Citadel of Snow’s Maw, where Frygicrax has his Lair. They have Cathedrals almost as old as the fall of the vampires dedicated to her (Although the Solarists claim that this is when they stole her name) and that the Design of her armor is the one that has been passed down from Imperator to Imperator. Frygicrax himself was alive at the time, and professes that what he speaks is truth, but none outside the Dragonreich want to take his word for it.

The Controversy of St Lusica

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