The World of Today

The present day world of Corona Vigil is one of many cultures, all working and fighting to establish their power and ideologies in a realm recovering from the uprising that brought down the Vampire Empire, almost 900 years ago. Many powerful realms, races and factions divide Corona Vigil with their national borders or trample them down in violent rampages. Kingdoms and realms have been rising and falling over the last Nine centuries, but some have remained strong and constant.

The Largest and most powerful nation on the face of the moon is without a doubt the Dragonreich. The Dragonreich spans far and wide covering what is almost a whole sixth of the entire known world, from the center of the continent stretching out all the way up to the arctic coasts. It is regarded by many as an evil government, a total Autocracy under the power of the Imperator or Imperatrice with unlimited political power, second only to their Draconic living God; Frygithrax the White. It is a savage, warlike, oppressive and expansionistic society, with which nearly every other realm on Corona Vigil has very hostile relations.

One of the nations enemy to the Dragonreich that they hate most is the United League of City States. Two hundred years ago, the League was but a prosperous collection of the Dragonreich’s southwestern border provinces. Due to demands for their farming and mining outputs to rise above humanly possible limits, even the Nobility of these provinces found their loyalty crumbling down. Plot and intrigue ensued, and soon there was a large scale rebellion against the Dragonreich. 22 cities and their dependent towns and villages Declared independence simultaneously in an act that Infuriated the Current Imperator, as well as Frygithrax himself. A great war followed, and despite many cities being retaken by the Reich, the League entrenched itself and solidified its footing and has managed to survive to this day. The League is the paragon nation of Freedom and Liberty in stark contrast to their former opressors, and in all the recorded history of Corona Vigil it is the first and only nation to be lead Democratically. Its Current Chancellor is Bartholomew Harker.

North of the League, and West of the Reich are the lands of the Western Kingdoms. There are usually several dozen of them in any given Era, always Feuding, making and breaking alliances, Conquering, collapsing, merging, renaming and generally making life difficult for Heraldic scholars. Now, at the beginning of the 10th Century, The more noteworthy of the western kingdoms include Monarchy of Glonde, Monarchy of Lunin, Monarchy of Borterdeen, Monarchy of Windhold, Monarchy of Millarene, and many others. The Western Kingdoms are the birthplace of the Solarism religeon, although other faiths are commonly practiced there as well. The Western Kingdoms have contact with a goodly number of the Elven Realms and Dwarven Clanhalls, races generally not treated kindly by the Dragonreich.

The World of Today

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