Children of the Locus

Children of the Locus

The Children of the Locus are a dis-unified polytheistic religion with many divergent and even conflicting sects. Many would say that the Children of the Locus are actually a series of separate pagan religions based on their gaping dissimilarities, but each pantheon does share a set of fundamental principals that compose the uniting core of this theological way of thinking.

Chief among these core principals is the relevance of the locus, and the inherent Psychic ability of all living beings. The Children hold that the storm in the eye of the Locus is in fact a Hurricane of Psychic energy that influences the world just as the world influences it. All ideas, dreams, faiths and stories are given some measure of reality when people think about them, remember them, and believe.

It is in the Darkness that we sleep and dream. In the darkness our minds fill in what our senses fail to tell us. In out fear and caution we mistake trees and shadows for figures watching us in the dark, the wind for restless spirits stalking along our roofs, and sudden movements for the predations of monsters. The Eclipse is the ultimate night, when reality is unclear to us and the Psychic Locus looms over us in all its glory. Psychic energy is strong at this time and the veil between Dreams and reality grows very thin. This is the cause of the monsters that appear in the darkness seemingly from no-where, as nightmares are crossing over into reality.

Not every nightmare crosses over into reality. But those ideas that become immortalized in folk lore have a very good chance of it, and occasionally the insane or the gifted have been known to have the mental power to will things into existence. Gods both cruel and benevolent rise and fall with their popularity and relevance to the current day.

Afterlife and Re-Incarnation

Not everything that goes on in the Psychic hurricane is a nightmare. As long as the dearly departed are remembered, their souls persist within the energies of the Locus. Gifted individuals have been able to contact the spirits of those beyond, and sometimes ghosts lamented strongly enough are able to make manifestations. A popular belief is that once a spirit has been dead long enough, they let go of their former lives and are born again into mortal form. There are stories though, unproven, of ghosts that managed to walk back into reality and come back from death itself.

The Millarese Pantheon

The Monarchy of Millarene is a quite strongly proportioned nation towards the beliefs of the Children of the Locus. The people of the Shattered Sea venerate a pantheon of deities that resemble the classical mediterranian deities, such as the Roman, Greek, and Carthaginian pantheons. WIP

Children of the Locus

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